Saturday, June 23, 2012

Collections (including dust)

I am stuck inside all day!  I shouldn't complain as it is due to my own procrastination.  I am required to speak in church tomorrow and left the preparation for today.  I have been working furiously and my talk is finally all put together.
I have needed a few diversions and decided to create an 'album' if you will, of a few of my collections...or rather collecting habits.  I have some very cherished antiques and am crazy about them; mind you, they are just things; people are far more cherished and important to me!  Alas, seeing how I don't have anyone with me today aside from the kitten, I decided to snap a few photographs of a few of my favorite things instead.  Guess I could snap some photos of the kitten, but am currently upset with her for her constant interruptions and clawings at my legs and fingers as I attempt to type.  Not to mention the sharp teeth and scrambling over my keyboard causing havoc with my work or  making something go haywire.  I have three words for her; cute, mischievous, and, curious.  
Wait, this post was not supposed to be about her.  On to my dirty old habits.  

Part of my crock collection adorning the shelves in my living room.

This is my favorite shelf holding some pewter.  

An adorable china hutch containing my butter and salt crock collection.

One of my favorite benches.

Can't have enough pewter.  I love this stuff!

Last but not least is an old wind up clock I stole purchased for twenty bucks!  

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