Monday, June 4, 2012

Motorcycle Riding

I enjoy riding motorcycles.  I have been hooked since I was about nine years old and learned on a tote goat.  There was a time in my life when my children were young that I did not ride much at all.  Now they are grown, with my youngest being eleven, I have been going on more rides.  My daughter and I went with some friends to their cabin in Bear Lake a few weekends back and had a great time.
I paid a visit to the coast over Memorial Day as well.  It was enjoyable.  
I do not have a gas gauge on my bike and cannot always tell when I am running close to empty.  Once I have run out, I cannot get it to start again on reserve.  This has been my fate twice in the last thirty days!  You would think I would learn.
In California, they have men in emergency vehicles driving around assisting stranded folks such as myself.  I was on the side of the road for less than one minute when one such vehicle pulled up and gave me a gallon of gas.  It was really neat.
Another funny memory of that trip is in two or three of the places we stopped, tourists would marvel, admire and snap photos of my bike.  It is a beautiful bike; however, I was riding with three Harley riders who's bikes probably cost near if not more than $20,000.  Mine, was under $3,000.  Made me smile.
Here are a few pictures of my recent adventures.

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