Friday, January 11, 2013

Fondant centers for chocolates

Life is like a box or counter full of chocolates. I love a good challenge in the kitchen and that is why I taught myself to make fondant centers.
My kitchen transforms into a chocolate factory for a week or two in December. There is something about being able to test and second guess the humidity in the air, the temperature at which water boils and many other factors and variables on any particular day.....well, it provides some intrigue for me anyway....yes, I am admittedly a tad crazy...but only on days that end in Y.
I have posted my favorite fondant recipe in the past, but I haven't ever taken a picture of the centers prior to being dunked in tempered chocolate.
Here they are in all their raw beauty! (p.s. I didn't actually take this picture either...someone else did or I wouldn't have one).
This year I made; grand opera cream, lemon, raspberry, coconut, maple nut, pear, eggnog, and rum nut. The rum nut is by far my favorite!
Here is a picture after they have been dipped and have a bite taken out of them...and by the way, that was the best part of this photo shoot!  
Pictured here is raspberry, maple nut, and eggnog.  Don't they look divine?  Ahhhhh...mission accomplished!