Thursday, April 28, 2011

It baffles the mind....

I broke down and got a dog today!!! My sister calls me almost everyday asking if I will take in a stray or care for some kind of animal or another. Well, she called this morning and begged me to take a female Australian Shepherd. My sister previously confessed her adoration and obsession for these hideous creatures. She called at 7:30 one morning to have me look up pictures of them online so I could share in her joy! Long story short, I was caught in a weak moment and took pity on the dog she described to me. Dallas (yes she is a female) had been beaten by someone before and was in desperate need of a loving home. She doesn’t bark and is very obedient. Don’t get me wrong…I do not have an extreme aversion to dogs. I just don’t love how they jump up on everyone, incessantly bark and slobber all over! Not to mention the fact that my third boy is allergic to dogs and my oldest boy really dislikes them. In fact he posted something on Facebook yesterday that sums up how he feels toward canines. His post reads…"I loathe people who keep dogs. They are cowards who haven't got the guts to bite people themselves." ~Anonymous.

The first dog we owned came to us by default. Our neighbor rescued him and he couldn’t keep him so I found myself taking pity on him….both the neighbor and the dog. He was a Black Lab. We named him Sambo. He had a knack for being obsessively protective. I LOVED taking him along on camping trips. I felt perfectly safe when he was around. My husband didn’t treat him very well and he eventually ended his life by hanging…(the dog...not the husband) very sad. The next dog we tried was a little house dog named Bandit. He was the DUMBEST dog I have ever come in contact with. Couldn’t teach him a thing! He ran away…good riddance! I actually know where he ended up. A neighbors grandson fell in love with him and took him home….once again…good riddance!

Well, here we go, trying it again but I do think I will end up liking this dog…she seems like a sweetheart and I like her already.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Midnight Madness!

My sister introduced me to a new blog site that I fell in love with. It is It is written by a very talented gal named Ree. My favorite part of her blog is the recipe section. She has step by step photos and instructions that walk you through the food she is making. I made donuts the other night at midnight due to inspiration from her!!! Well that or I could attribute it to being slightly crazy! The donuts were very tasty and fun to make. I had never tried making my own donuts before and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Here are the photos and the link so you can try this on your own! These were delicious but I am now in hot pursuit of finding a good recipe for cake donuts! Yummy!
I tried Ree's sour cream enchiladas as well. I added chicken to mine and they turned out scrumptious! I didn't have time to snap a photo of them because the entire pan was devoured in one sitting!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Warning...this post contains maternal boasting. For this month's book report, my daughter's assignment was to create a Diorama to share with her class. She had just finished reading Little House in the Big Woods and decided to create her Diorama using this book. She worked hard on it and was very independent. She made the house, the smoke house, painted the horses and made two of the bodies for the people. She even made some bacon to go in the smoke house. Upon delivering her Diorama, I noticed one that was superb and thought it would take first place for sure. However, it didn't appear to be the handiwork of a kid and I guess the judges took that into consideration. My daughter came home from school and informed me that she had, once again, won first place for best Diorama. I was thrilled! Her prize was the book Candy Shop War. Here are the pictures of Kambrie's Diorama.
Pa did end up looking more like an ax murderer than a father!