Monday, April 11, 2011


Warning...this post contains maternal boasting. For this month's book report, my daughter's assignment was to create a Diorama to share with her class. She had just finished reading Little House in the Big Woods and decided to create her Diorama using this book. She worked hard on it and was very independent. She made the house, the smoke house, painted the horses and made two of the bodies for the people. She even made some bacon to go in the smoke house. Upon delivering her Diorama, I noticed one that was superb and thought it would take first place for sure. However, it didn't appear to be the handiwork of a kid and I guess the judges took that into consideration. My daughter came home from school and informed me that she had, once again, won first place for best Diorama. I was thrilled! Her prize was the book Candy Shop War. Here are the pictures of Kambrie's Diorama.
Pa did end up looking more like an ax murderer than a father!

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