Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sickness :(

I seldom get sick.  I am sooooo sick right now and as I am lying here in misery, I began thinking about the times I have experienced sickness in my life and who has been there to care for me.
When I was a young child, my Mom was a good nurse.  We had a "sick bed"; a fold away cot that she set up close to the kitchen where she could keep an eye on us when we were not feeling well.  My favorite memory is when she would make homemade custard for me....mmmm comfort food.
As mentioned before, I seldom get sick, but did have the chicken pox when I was in third grade. I also experienced a few nasty bouts of sickness accompanied by high fevers.  When I do get really ill, my temperature spikes!  I remember a few times my fever caused hallucinations.  I still recall to this day what I was hallucinating about; not fun.  That brings to mind a time when I felt awful and my Mom was not home for the day; this meant Dad was in charge.  He was having me do my normal chores for the day and I was trying not to complain.  Mid mopping the floor, my Dad walked by and noticed I did not look well; he took my temperature discovering it to be 106 degrees.  Needless to say, he had me lie down and I got out of the rest of my chores for the day!
I do get really sick when I am pregnant.  I am seriously sick for five of the nine months and moderately sick for the other four.  I feel bad for my poor kids when I am in this condition.  I smile at some of these times and am grateful to have them as memories I cherish.  On one such occasion, I was pregnant with my daughter and had been 'losing my lunch' subsequent times when my then four year old brought me a large slice of bread smothered with mustard; hoping to help me feel better!  It was such a sweet gesture and I loved the kindness behind his actions even if it made me lose my lunch yet again.

Being a mom, ensures that there is generally no time to be sick and I can guarantee that I much prefer waiting on the sick as opposed to being the sick.
Who takes care of you when you are sick?  Do you generally plow through the day and try to ignore the fact that you are ill?  Or do you pamper yourself and stay in bed all day?
Do your kids bring you mustard sandwiches, or do they ask you to get up and make things for them?
Perhaps this is not the best topic for what happens to be a blog mostly about food.  Ha, ha, I do hope you still find the ice cream appetizing! 


  1. Sorry you are sick sis! I hope you get well soon. I remember the sick bed :) Mom kept it under the stairs and I shuttered if I accidentally touched it. I thought it would get me sick by touching it when I was well :P

    1. Thanks Aub! I hope I did not pass it along to you guys! I had no idea it was coming. That is funny about being afraid of the sick bed; it probably had a million 'sick germs' lurking!

  2. We still have the good old sick bed if you want to renew any memories!

    1. Ha, ha. Thanks Ma! I was rather hoping to renew the custard memories...not the memories of the sick bed! :)