Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated my only sister's 30th birthday today.  I remember the day she was born and how my wishes for a sister were finally realized.  She had a head full of black curly hair and she was absolutely darling(still is)!
I remember her first word was, "goose".  She is still fond of fowls of all varieties.  We took her on a picnic and to feed the ducks; followed by tossing a penny from a bridge for a wish come true.
My sister does not seem any older to me and is just another year wise.  She has learned so much this past year and always amazes me with her talents.  She has taught herself to knit, grown her first garden, and acquired her first chickens and geese.
Here are some pictures of this day she was so generous to share with us.

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