Thursday, March 22, 2012

Denim/Levi/Jean quilting!

I only have four children.  I have been working on denim quilts for each one of them for...hmmm...let me see...their entire lives!  My oldest is 21 in case you didn't know!  Yes, I am excruciatingly slow when it comes to sewing.  Here is a picture of the almost finished one for my third boy.  He is so excited (that may sound strange for a 15 year old kid, but he has been waiting for his for a really long time). 
The adventure began when I was in my early 20's.  I cut very small squares from the worn out levi's we had on hand.  It took a good eight years to finish that one.  It turned out to be a tad larger than a king size.  We use it for picnics and firework shows.  I then made one out of all pockets for my second boy.  He loved the pockets and used them to stash his treasures.  By this time, I was a bit more experienced and I learned that if I cut long strips of the denim leg, I could save some time.  I made one with varying widths and long lengths of denim cut and sewn together for my oldest boy.  Currently, I am working on the one pictured.  I have it laid out on the floor to cut and pin the backing on and decided to snap a photo.  It is a combination pocket/long strip quilt.  I am now down to making one more for my daughter, yippee!  Keep watching for ten more years and you may see the outcome! 


  1. Looks very comfy sis! I need to pull mine out and work on it again :)

    1. Thanks! Not sure I am happy about the patched knee I put in there, but it is too late!