Saturday, January 14, 2012

It is in the bag!

This is a bag that I just finished for my daughter. My mom and I used to get together once or twice a month and work on projects. This is one of those projects we did together where life got busy for me and I never finished it. My mom would always finish hers at home and I would get caught up in the daily grind of feeding kids, cleaning, laundry and being the taxi driver. I had good intentions but somehow my project would end up on the shelf in my craft room. My sister and Mother have recently been asking me to take on some new things such as learning to knit or making pieced quilts or penny rugs. I have determined to finish up all my unfinished projects before taking on a new one. This bag is just some fabric that we sewed together with cut pieces of wool felt to make the stars, scallops and circles. The stars and circles are blanket stitched around and the handle is simply a sturdy piece of ribbon material. We didn't have a pattern as usual. We just kind of start with what we have and an idea in our heads. I think it turned out nice. It is a good size for books. My daughter loves to read and this will enable her to protect her books as she hauls them around with her.

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