Monday, January 30, 2012


Growing up, I always wanted a sister. I finally got one when I was twelve years old. I left the house when she was six years old. I helped with tending her and changing diapers, feeding her and rocking her to sleep. She is now almost thirty years old! Time is fleeting! She is married and doesn't have children of her own yet. She stays at home and has cats and dogs to take care of. Recently, she has taken up new hobbies. She showed me some Latvian mittens she is knitting and they are beautiful! A few summers ago, she decided to teach herself to tat. She is very good at that as well. This is a picture of some earrings she gave to me. I think they are perfect!
My grandma's neighbor lived at "The Edge of Eden" and I loved to visit her in the summertime. She was always tatting something beautiful. She told me she would teach me. She is gone now. I never took the opportunity to learn from her.
My sis did try to teach me to tat and it is harder than it looks. I do admire this type of handwork and maybe I will take the time to still learn how to tat one day.

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