Monday, May 23, 2011


Wanna know one sure way to find out that you have female cats...they have kittens! This is a two week old kitten. I have three cats that live in the garage. The mother and two of her children (they are about one and half years old). I like having one cat around to keep the mice under control. When the mother cat had kittens I wanted to give them away but was unable to talk my kids into letting them go. Thus, we ended up with three cats! I was never sure whether these two kittens were male or female. I just never had any interest in finding out. Well, a couple of weeks ago BOTH of them had kittens! Fonzie (named inappropriately) had four one day and Zeek (apparently named inappropriately as well) began helping her take care of them. I thought it was strange that Zeek was helping with the mothering responsibilities but Zeek is kind of....shall we just say.....strange! Well the next day, Zeek had two kittens both still born. Fonzie and Zeek continue to share in the mothering of these four kittens. I have not been around mother cats much and never had more than one female cat at a time. I have been amused and interested in watching how they are sharing the caring! The mother cat named Sweet Pea (named appropriately) has been catching mice in the fields and bringing the mice to Fonzie and Zeek! I may have not been out much and don't claim to know cats very well but I am impressed that they would care for one another in this manner. This may all be completely normal...still I can't help but wonder how fat these kittens are going to end up! Every time I go through the garage either Fonzie or Zeek is nursing the lot of them! One thing is for sure...they won't be undernourished!

Here is a picture of one of the tiny babies just learning to open its eyes.

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