Sunday, August 12, 2012

Causey Reservoir

                                                                                   The reservoir 

 My kids in the canoe

I am somewhat of a dinosaur by nature and have thus excluded myself from the cell phone club until a few days ago.  I am a tad reclusive and enjoy hitting the hills and not being available at any given moment.  Not to mention the fact that I happen to think people can be most rude with their cell phones when they treat them as if they are the very reason of their existence.  However,  I finally jumped on the band wagon and am now the owner of a cell.  I am still uncertain as to whether texting should be the new form of communication; but am also realizing that it does have its perks.  I enjoy that when I am in the mountains, I cannot get reception and am still left to the sounds of the forest.
As many of you know, I am not a photographer and have been using my son's old camera that has been on its way out with a bad light sensor for quite some time.
Well, the largest cell phone perk is that they have awesome cameras in them!!  I took mine with me to try it out at the Causey Reservoir this weekend and loved how the pictures turned out.  It was a gorgeous day spent with a fun group of friends and two of my kids!

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