Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Small scraps made into something beautiful.

My mother owns an old pieced crazy quilt that I have always loved. I decided to try to reproduce it. It took me over a year to finish. I really enjoyed piecing the quilt together. I have an old Singer featherweight machine from when I was a little girl and it works really well for piecing. The tedious part was all the hand sewing involved.
Here is the result. I have it hanging on my living room wall. I admire how people used to use every last bit of everything.
I am not much of a seamstress. I look up to those who are. As a matter of fact, I really dislike sewing. I am, however, grateful for the little old lady who lived down the road from us. Her name was Mrs. Johnson and she offered to teach children how to sew at no cost to them. One of my brothers and I took lessons from her once a week. She gave us an invaluable gift. I am indebted to her for her kindness. I remember making a bean bag frog, a baby blanket and a shirt. She would have been in her 90's and I was in the third or fourth grade. The brother of mine that took lessons from her was thrilled with the way the sewing machine worked. He loved pressing the foot down and sewing fast (like driving a car...well almost). Mrs. Johnson was constantly warning him not to run over his finger. She was a very patient woman.

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