Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snowman in my front yard!

When you are small everything seems so large. I remember winters as a kid and it seemed like we got mountains of snow. The snow on either side of the sidewalk was so high it was difficult to see over. I live in the same valley now as I did growing up. It may be perspective, but I am fairly certain we don't get as much snow as we did when I was young. No wonder we hear stories from our parents about how when they were little and they had to walk up hill both ways to school in snow six feet deep!
I have always liked the snow. My brother and I would wake up and be so excited to go out and romp in it all day long. I remember countless times trying to build a snowman and rolling the ball around until it was too heavy for the both of us to push any further. We would end up making forts and such with the intended snowman body parts because we weren't able to lift them onto each other.
A couple of my kids really like the snow. One of them that helped me build this snowman is going on eighteen and he still plays in the snow!
I love the background in this picture. It almost looks surreal.

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